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My name is Lina and I’m an award-winning hair and makeup artist based in both Toronto and Dubai.

After a career as a makeup artist for almost ten years; where I worked with CNN and a myriad of lovely private bridal clients in Dubai; I went back to school and studied hairstyling. Now I specialize in hair cutting and hair styling. Think: simple, classic and textured up-dos.

I’m also trained in color analysis, which means I can help you find the right palette of colours for your skin tone - think the PERFECT lipsticks, foundation and hair color!

Tell me how I can help you. Are you a bride or a TV personality looking to have hair and makeup done?

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hair & makeup

Hairstyling & makeup applications at your own private space. Each service takes about an hour, and lashes are included.



Learn how to do your own hair & makeup privately or in a group setting. For professional makeup artists, learn hairstyling and add it to your resume.

color analysis

Learn what color palette you were meant to wear to feel and look your best; your undertones, and what lipstick colors are meant for you!