Flat Irons Review : Avanti or Babyliss?!

So now that I'm a licensed hairstylist, I'm going to do a lot more videos on hair. I've always loved doing my own hair, so I find it natural to talk about it. I'm eternally curious about hairstyling, hair products, and just general hair lovin'. 

In this video we're comparing not only two brands of flat irons: Babyliss vs Avanti, but also flat iron sizes. One is larger than the other, and it could be why the curls didn't take so well. 

In this video we're talking about expensive and affordable flat irons. The two brands I'm comparing are Babyliss Pro and Avanti. Both are professional brands. I use the Avanti the most in the salon, and used it all throughout hair school. It is the more affordable model, retailing for about $60 CND. The Babyliss model retails for about $120 CND. 

I'm doing a demo here to compare the two and see which one I like best and which I think YOU should get! 

Each of these irons has its uses and "preferences", so the results you get will differ, but it all depends on what you're looking to create.

If you have any questions leave them below!