Lash Extensions :: Should You or Shouldn't You?

I have a love-hate relationship with lash extensions. I have been trained in applying them (and I paid A LOT OF MONEY to learn this craft); but honestly, because the work is so delicate and tends to kill my back from leaning over a face for over two hours, I don't do them anymore. If you want a half-application ... that, I can do ... I think?

I have had many enquiries asking me about lash extensions. Some women love them, some hate them. Some want to try them but are too scared.

Here's the thing. I've had them done. During the four weeks that they lasted, I never had to curl my lashes. I never had to wear mascara. My eyes were naturally bright and eye-popping (mind the pun). However, I did notice that when they fell off, they would take my own lashes with them. Yikes! They also sometimes would poke me in the eye while dangling off my real lash. They can be uncomfortable, especially since you are putting tiny bits of plastic on your eyes.

During the application process, expect to lose some lashes as well. That's because a surgical tape is used to separate the lashes and bind them to your eye. When the tape is removed, some lashes do come off.

After my full set of lash extensions came off (and I did pull some off because they were so uncomfortable), my lashes were not what they once were. I noticed they were sparse and thinner than before. No matter how much mascara I applied or how much I curled them, makeup was just not giving me the oomph it once used to.

So, I nurtured them back to life. I used castor oil sometimes before bed and removed my makeup with olive oil. With time, they did grow back.

But would I ever get lash extensions again? Nope. Never.

If you've never had them done and you're kind of thinking of trying them, I say go for it. If you want the natural look, opt for a size that matches your own lash size and ask for the C-curl. Those are the ones that naturally curl and give you definition.

The most important part is, after the party's over and they've all come off, use some kind of a nourishing product to get your lashes back in shape.

Castor oil is great, and olive oil as makeup remover. Don't worry - they do grow back. Your body is always healing itself.

Ask your local salon the next time you're there for products that help lashes grow.

My favorite lash extensions are still the old-fashion glued-on, individual ones. They don't ruin your lashes and you have control over how long or short or sparse you want them to be.