"Arabic" Makeup Session with Amanee

I've known Amanee for quite some time. I met her through a mutual friend and thought she was so gorgeous, so I (naturally) asked her to model for me. 

"Can I please do your makeup some time? Are you okay being on video?"


So we did a kick-ass makeup session made up of a smokey eye and nude lips. 

Some backstory: At the time I was working on creating a foundation brand. The reason? My clients couldn't find their colors. I wanted something that was sandy and yellow and just gorgeous. So I worked with a lab in Ontario to create a creamy foundation for my clients in Dubai. Unfortunately over a couple of years my life took a drastic turn, I pulled away from makeup and focused on doing hairstyling instead, and I didn't like the foundation formula. So before I fleshed out any more of my money, I decided to quit the project and change my life. I moved to Toronto!! 

That's the foundation I used in this video. It was a prototype and I LOVED IT, and so did Amanee.

The makeup style in this video is how I normally do makeup. This is my style. I might be a bit heavy handed for some - I promise, I am working on being a bit light handed, but I just LOVE a good smokey eye! I also love to do heavier makeup because, let's face it, makeup melts after a few hours - so the more packed on it is, the better! I called in Arabic, but honestly it's a soft Arabic. Anyway, have a watch and let me know what you think.

If you're ever interested in becoming my model, go ahead and send me an email.