The Best Supplements for Hair Growth


Supplements are such a HUGE business, and for good reason. When we're not eating well, supplements and vitamins are our best bet to get our health back on track. 

I personally have thin, fine hair, so I'm obsessed with taking supplements. I want to have long, luscious hair, yet it has felt like an up-hill battle to get to that place. I've almost always had short hair (for a Middle Easterner, that's unheard of) and so I LOVE taking vitamins and supplements that help my hair grow. 

I've noticed a difference in my hair and general mood when I take these vitamins: Biotin, Zinc, Iron and B50.

Recently, I've also started taking Silica, which has awesome reviews. Some women swear by gelatin as well. 

As a hairdresser, I see a lot of thin hair, hair that sheds, and damaged hair. Generally it's because we don't take care of our internal wellness, and it really shows on our hair. 

I see balding spots, receding hairlines and thinning hair from young to older women. I'm shocked at how many women don't get their blood work done! You have to know what's going on inside, ladies! 

ALSO .. 

** I had no idea how tired I looked in this video (eeeeek - concealer please!) I'm always making videos at the end of the day after 8 hour shifts at the salon :) Hope this video helps you guys out!! **