3 Reasons Your Hair Breaks At the Crown


I get so sad when I see broken hair :-(

Like, truly sad. Hair is our crowning glory and when it's not taken care of it can begin to die a slow and painful death. 

Most times women have no idea why this happens and why the hair in the middle of the head looks like it's been chopped off. I'd had that happen to me, and unless you can see the back of your head, most times you have no idea it's happening until your hairdresser (in this case, me) points it out. 

You might chalk it up to heat damage or having fine hair, but there are reasons this is happening:

1. hair elastics, 2. a rough pillow or 3. the shower head. 

One more thing I actually forgot to mention is over-washing. If you're washing your hair every day, expect it to dry out, get brittle and begin to break off. If you're taking heat to it as well, then that's more damage ... so you get the picture. 

In this video I go over these reasons and what you can do to get your hair looking great again :)