MONAT :: Too Good To Be True?


MONAT has cause an uproar in the hairstyling / haircare / hair loss world since it came out in 2016(?). Being the skeptic that I am, I never believed the hype, and I'm glad I didn't. In my frustration over this hooplah, I wrote an article [my first] on (Read it here) on June 1st, 2017 and it has since garnered THOUSANDS of views and almost 200 claps. 

A beautiful young lady, Alicia, reached out to me after the article was published and shared her experience. She sent me photos of her hair before, and after, MONAT use.

In her words: 

"Hi Lina, I actually stumbled on your post about Monat this morning while looking for reviews. You had said you were interested to see what happened long term. I can't speak for anyone else but I've been using it for about 1.5-2 years and will be discontinuing use. It absolutely ruined my hair. I just compared pictures from when I started to now and it literally made my hair way thinner and shorter. I'm sure that this will be the next company to be sued just like Wen. Horrible product.
My hair has been falling out like crazy and it feels like there is a ton of build up and greasiness at the scalp and the rest of the hair is so dry and brittle. Prior I didn't have any breakage or much split ends and now the breakage is so bad that my hair is visibly shorter. I am still a rep but was never totally sold on the product so I never "worked the business" so to speak. I am now trying to salvage what's left of my hair so sad. I found a wonderful lady online while looking into this whole monat thing and ordered some different shampoo, conditioner and supplements from her salon so fingers crossed."

There have been so many other comments like this on this article. I'm glad people are speaking out. Anything that promises miracles for hair loss, unless proven by science, is crap (sorry). 

Below are images Alicia had sent me to show the extent of the damage done to her hair. She says she's part of a church where they're not allowed to cut their hair. The photo on the left is her hair before MONAT, and the centre and far right are after.