What Is Blue / Purple Shampoo?!

I can't believe that this video garnered THOUSANDS of views within a few weeks of posting!! This tells me that you blondes are having a hard time finding the right products for your locks! And I totally understand - I was a blonde and it was a LOT of work to maintain my color and the health of my hair!

I did research on YouTube on blue and purple shampoo, yet I found nothing that explains the color theory behind the rules. I find that strange, don't you? 

So here's a video that explains the main points on what purple and blue shampoo is/does and when you should use it. There is still a lot of gray area, so this isn't a full explanation, but it's a good place to start. 

Please keep in mind that hair color is tricky. It's chemistry and there are SO many factors involved in hair colouring and maintaining the health of your hair. PLEASE see a hairstylist (go in for a free consult) just so you can become familiar with the terms and feel more empowered to make the right purchasing decisions! 

We stylists can only do so much - the home care part is on you. So if you want to have great hair, do your research, ask questions, and invest in high quality products. xx