The #1 Most Important Part of Your Makeup Routine


Have you ever worn foundation and realized that either the product wouldn’t stick … or, worse stuck so badly that you ended up with major dry patches that you never even knew existed?

Have you ever worn makeup that glided on seamlessly and just blended so beautifully that you were, like, OMG, I feel so gorgeous right now?

I have seem clients’ faces transform from dry, patchy and cakey during the trial to supple, smooth, and glowing on the wedding day by changing their skin care routine.

This is why the number one, most important part of makeup, is skincare!!!

The quality of your skin is what makes or breaks your foundation and concealer, so having a skincare regimen that you love and that works for you is of utmost importance.

Skincare On the Outside Basics

  • At night: Remove your makeup at night using a Micellar Water cleanser. I personally love Garnier because it smells so nice, and is quite affordable.

  • Cleanse. I love a gentle cleanser like Cera-Ve or Spectro Gel. If you have acne, use Neutrogena’s Acne Face Wash. It’s a classic and recommended by dermatologists.

  • Tone (optional). You can tone every other day, especially if you wear makeup. It can be drying, especially in winter or dry weather. I use a toner when I feel my skin feels a bit grimy and needs some help. I love Kiehl’s.

  • Use a serum, an eye cream, and a heavier moisturizer before going to bed. Some brands have night time “masks”, which is a type of moisturizer that works while you sleep. I love the way my skin feels in the morning after I’ve slathered on a ton of hydrating products.

  • Use Retin-A. It can cause peeling, so you might want to space it out. It’s the only cream that has proven to reduce wrinkles and re-generate skin cells. Talk to your doctor about because you will need a prescription.

  • In the morning, splash cold water. No need to cleanse or tone. You can moisturize, dab on some eye cream and wear your sunscreen.

  • Masks once a week are the best way to keep your skin clean, rejuvenated and to give it the nutrients it needs. I love a clay mask on the T-zone because I have oily skin. I also love the grapefruit mask from Sephora that works within 3 minutes that adds hydration and suppleness.

Besides the obvious (using skincare externally), I’m a huge…no, MASSIVE believer in skincare on the inside.

Skincare on the Inside

  • Remove all allergens from your diet. Cleansing our bodies of all allergens and toxins dramatically increases the vibrancy of our skin on the outside.

Whether it’s gluten, dairy, refined sugar, or alcohol, what we consume shows up in our system. And we know what doesn’t agree with us - we know what our body doesn’t like, and what foods we are sensitive to. I know that oatmeal hurts my tummy, so I don’t eat it. I know that gluten makes me feel sluggish, so I avoid it.

After having been off gluten, cheese, yogurt, and refined sugar for months, I cheated and had all of those things in one weekend. The next day, my face looked dull and I had not one, but TWO, pimples.

Yet while I was on the "cleanse”, everyone commented on how radiant my skin was.

  • Drink as much water as you can. I believe in drinking water so much. I’d always shrugged it off as an afterthought, but now that I’m in my 30’s, I notice a HUGE difference in the way my skin looks and feels after I’ve drank a couple of litres a day. It feels like I just get a facelift and an incredible plumping effect that I have to touch my face to believe it.

  • I also don’t drink alcohol and I’m constantly told I have great skin. I’m lucky that I didn’t grow up around alcohol, and honestly don’t care for it. It’s expensive and makes me feel terrible the next day. I swear, every time I have a glass of wine, the next day I feel depressed and go through a mid-life crisis. FYI alcohol is a depressant. J-Lo also doesn’t drink alcohol and look at her skin!

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