2 Ways to Vet a New Hairstylist


Maybe your lifelong relationship with your stylist just ended because they moved away, or had a baby, or quit the industry. Your friend has been raving about a stylist she goes to, but you’re still unsure. How can you know if this is the person you want to trust your mane with?

When looking for a new stylist, the best thing to do is to go in for either a consultation or a blow-dry. I would recommend you do both.

The consultation is for you to get a feel for your stylist and see what they recommend in terms of product, cut and style. It’s a good way to see if you vibe with them and if they are confident in their work.

A good stylist consultation will ask you about:

  • Your lifestyle.

  • Whether you’ve had this particular haircut or color before.

  • Your expectations & photos.

  • How you style and wear your hair.

  • Are you a wash-and-go type of person, or do you like to take your time to blow-dry and curl your hair every morning?

  • Explain maintenance so that you know what to expect in the future.

  • Are honest with you. A good stylist won’t be afraid to turn you away if they feel you’re not the right fit, or are unable to give you what you want.

The questions will also allow them to craft the perfect cut and/or color for you.

The Blow-dry

The blowdry is for you to get a feel for how they actually work:

  • Do they have clean, organized tools?

  • Do they section the hair properly, or do they work haphazardly?

  • What do they talk about when they’re working? Are they chatty or or have a more zen approach to their work?

  • Are they making product and style recommendations? This shows they care and want you back in their chair.

  • Are they knowledgable? Do they take the time to answer your questions?

  • The longevity of the blowdry will also tell you of the quality of their work.

Many of my blowdry and styling clients become my haircut clients as well, because I educate them about the health of their hair and what they can do to upgrade their look. Styling is also a low-pressure job, so I end up having a fun chat with my clients, show them some of my work, and suggest tweaks they can do for their hair - whether to make it healthier, how to switch up the shape of their side bangs, discuss some products they can take home, and if one of our colorists are available I’ll grab them for a quick chat as well!

If you don’t like the stylist you’ve booked with, you are free to look around the salon and see what everyone else is doing. Do you like the haircut that other stylist next to yours is doing? Then ask for them when you’re ready to book.

Yes, some stylists are possessive, but don’t worry about it our feelings. Do what feels right for you.