3 Bridal Hair Myths That Need to Disappear


There’s a lot that circulates around beauty and what we should do to get the look we want for our wedding. I witness so much stress amongst brides about their hair that I feel I must interject and let you guys know the real truth!

1. “I need to grow my hair long for my wedding.”

This is a really common one.

If you’re going to pull your hair up into an up-do, this is absolutely NOT a must. As long as you have medium-length hair, past your collarbone, you’ll be okay. We can tease, puff your hair up with a donut, and shape your hair to suit your overall look.

I once did an up-do on a bride who had VERY shot hair by curling and creating waves. No one could have known that she had little hair.

If you’re looking to have a half-up, half-down, or Hollywood waves, length is definitely something you want to think about, but also not completely necessary.

I’ll tell you why:

  • Because your length should always work for your body proportion. There is no point in growing out your hair and having it end up be too long and overpowering your dress and face.

  • You can grow your hair till the cows come home, but if it’s lacking in density, it will look thin and straggly on the ends. This is where extensions can really help add fullness to your look.

  • Growing your hair too long will add unnecessary heaviness and weight to your head. Yes, your head will feel heavy! And all those bobby pins! We would have have to use extra time to hide the hair we’re not using. I once did a bridal trial that was perfect. Come wedding day, her hair had grown by 2 inches that I ended up spending so much time bobby pinning the extra length.

Please don’t have to give in to the pressure to have long hair for your wedding, and consult with your stylist.

2. “I need healthy hair for my wedding.”

This is a close sister of the long hair myth. I have seen brides come in consistently for their trims and color from one year before the wedding all the way up to the day right before their wedding.

This may be something that most stylists won’t tell you: Rough, “damaged” hair is best for up-dos and styling. It’s ironic, isn’t it? We always imagine wedding hair to be soft and silky and healthy. But the reality is that soft, silky hair is un-cooperative. It doesn’t hold curl, and bobby pins slip off very quickly.

Women who consistently lighten their hair will find it easier to curl and spray the hair into place and have it just sit for days!

When working with soft hair, we have to add texture - dry shampoo, volumizing powder - to give it grit and help us shape it into place.

When you’re looking through Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration, you’ll notice that most bridal hairstyles tend to be blonde or have some version of lightening running through it. Lightening the hair helps create roughness in the hair to keep the hair in place, so don’t worry about adding a few highlights or balayage. It will create a beautiful dimension and help us style your hait.

3. “I don’t have enough hair for an up-do.”

I don’t know where this one came from. I don’t even understand what it means. If you don’t have enough hair for an up-do, it means you don’t have enough hair, period.

I’m guessing that you do have hair that can be pulled back into a nice up-do. Maybe the photos you’ve been looking at have been of really massive up-dos that are filled with donut stuffing.

If you have fine hair, we can create a soft, romantic updo, and use products that will give us the volume and texture that we want. We can tease the crown, add accessories, and make you feel amazing.

Ask your stylist what would look best on you and you can explore options together. But please, please, don’t judge or criticize yourself :-)